I give up

I have had it with the frustration of trying to get images uploaded and stories told. We will be home in less than 24 hours and maybe then I will add more.

Bye Bye Ajeet! He is the owner of Chillout Hotel in Jaipur with his brother Ranjeet. They are both wonderful men who have embraced me as part of their family and they loved Erna.

I love this photo, I think it adequately shows the excitement and craziness when selfies are happening. They knocked over a motor scooter!

We spotted some cool carvings, noticed a group of people inside and were invited in. It was some sort of festival where women ask for good health for their husbands…or something. We then followed crowds of (mostly) women and children to a park where there were thousands of people dancing in small groups and wearing their finery. We didn’t really find out why the kids were all dressed up, but it was pretty common in the crowd.

Some alternate Taj Mahal views

…and of course, the money shot

Of course there are loads more…maybe in a few days.

If you read this far, thanks.

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