Merchants of India

Man sitting in from of shop filled with rows of medicine bottles
Ayurvedic medicines

Men standing in front of trucks loaded with fruit
Fruit market

Man feeding fruit into juicer
Fresh juices

Man standing at front of shop filled with a wide variety of goods
General store

Woman painting another woman's nails
Worst manicure ever…for $1

Men sitting behind pile of flowers preparing them to be taken to Hindu temple for devotion
Temple flowers

Man at front of shop, in background another man is restoring the face of a flour grinding stone
Restoring a grinding wheel

Woman sitting in shop with shelves full of folded textiles

Men cooking at large woks
Making jalabi, an Indian sweet

Man sitting on floor in shop that sells stone carved statues
Detail of large set of balance scales
Flour scales

Rows of coloured decorative containers
Decorative containers

Woman operating flour mill
Flour grinding

Bags of colourful pigments used in the Indian Holi festival
Holi colours

Man looking at bags of colourful pigments deciding which to buy
Holi colours…decisions

Man carrying basket of vegetables on his head
Street vendor

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