Travel light

Carry on luggage only.

That has been the other plan since the start and it should be doable.  I can always buy clothes if I need more.

Someone came around for a meeting today and he offered dire warnings about getting sick.  In fact every single book, website, person and pharmaceutical company rep guarantees that you will get sick in India. I am ready.  But that is for another post.

As he was leaving I pointed out the pile of things I have laid out in preparation.

Let me rephrase that.  I pointed out the pitiful pile of things…  I confess to being kind of shocked at how little there is…so far.  But I am sticking with the plan, less than 7kg and just carry on.

I have an image of reducing the weight of my too heavy pack by wearing every item of clothing, including my sleeping sheet thingy wrapped around me like a very butch sari.

I could pull it off...


That should get me an empty seat on either side.

3 Replies to “Travel light”

  1. Sheila Davis

    Travelling light – did you hear about the guy a few weeks ago who fainted at the airport because he had like 4 layers on, trying to avoid being overweight with his carry-on?! Take care!

  2. Jasmine

    A very butch sari ????? love it.

    Yep you will likely get sick so lucky you have your personal doctor at the end of an email and you can basically buy anything in the world at an Indian pharmacy! Good luck!

  3. saleena

    Oh, many adventures await… Less about toilets and more about cool and crazy people, generosity, amazing history and travel experiences. Remember – the worst experiences at the time, make the best stories later. Safe travels, good travelling.


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