Is this it?

I fly out in 4 hours and thought it wise to make sure all systems are working.  This is mainly a test of whether posts automatically end up on Google+ and Facebook. And it is a good opportunity to get started once again.  If you are interested in reading about my last trip click the 2015 category in the right hand column.

I am taking a phone, a tablet and a camera – although I have a support team so I can relax a bit, I will be keeping an eye on 123host.  What a world we live in when I can take photos on each of the devices.  And what a first world issue to deal with when deciding which takes the best shot.

Best way to decide is a test

Samsung tablet

Samsung tablet -2Mb


Canon camera

Canon ixus camera – 9Mb


Motorola G3 phone

Motorola G3 phone – 5Mb

I think I will use the camera mostly.  The tablet is a distant 3rd on resolution alone and let’s not even discuss that my finger photobombed the shot.

While I like the colours and contrast of the phone over the camera, they can be adjusted later in LightRoom.  I prefer that little bit of extra view with the camera, I can always crop a camera shot, but I can’t add to a phone shot.  It will be useful to take photos with the camera once in a while…I keep telling myself that.

This bag is all I am taking.  I looked at it and laughed in a mixture of embarrassment, triumph and patheticness.  It seriously has all I need.  A clean shirt and pair of shorts, toiletries, some medicals (double checks gastri-stop), too many wires and chargers and of course, a ukulele.  Yes, there is really a uke in there – I hope it will survive the trip.

What else can a person possibly need?

The bizarre thing is I needed a huge suitcase for a week in Melbourne recently and a day pack is all I need for 5 weeks in India.

Overnight to Kuala Lumpur where I really hope I am allowed out of the airport to go to Batu Caves during a 14 hour layover.  Then into Delhi 2200hrs local time on Friday…I should be in great shape 😛

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