I’m listening…

I have received plenty of advice and I appreciate it.  Especially from those who have ventured to the Indian subcontinent before me.

Information is best shared so this is a collection of advice offered to me *.

  • Travel by train whenever possible and take Sleeper Class
  • Eat vegetarian cooked food , avoid salad.
  • Street food is fine
  • Visit the Taj Mahal as early as possible in the morning. Do this by staying in Agra the night before
  • You will get sick , you will get better.
  • Try not to get bitten by a rabid dog
  • Get over it and stop being such a wuss. What happened to the spirit of Crocodile Dundee?
  • Don’t leave Chaitrali Mahanwar hanging! Let her know if you still want to stay. (Auto response from CouchSurfing)
  • You can basically buy anything in the world at an Indian pharmacy
  • Travelling light – did you hear about the guy a few weeks ago who fainted at the airport because he had like 4 layers on, trying to avoid being overweight with his carry-on?!
  • Allow 1 more working day for receipt of your visa
  • Take care!
  • Remember  – the worst experiences at the time, make the best stories later
  • Wash your hands at every opportunity
  • Don’t forget to view our handy travel insurance claims guide
  • Don’t forget every bank-note is contaminated with all sorts of lurgies. Think about BUYING food then eating it without implements
  • from 18 Nov to 25 Nov there is India‘s biggest tribal fair near to Jaipur at Pushkar.  it would be your life time opportunity to experience this fair.. I am planning to attend this fair. Can help and guide you If you’re interested in it
  • Varanasi has one of my favorite stepwells, hidden in the city, you’ll probably need to keep asking, it’s surrounded by temples: LOLARKA KUND also known as CHARAN GANGA…really amazing.
  • Go to the Red Fort (in Delhi) and hunt for the baoli

This is all very useful information that I have taken to heart.  No doubt you have some advice that isn’t on the list yet.  Please add it as a comment.

I hope this list will benefit not only me, but any one else who stumbles on this blog.  I found the writing of other people useful, I can only do my best to keep the information flowing.

I will add this advice of my own:  Do not pay much attention to the guru in the image 

* These are all genuine.

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