India dinner stories

An Indian themed dinner was organised for after we returned, unfortunately Tall Girl is back in the Netherlands for a short while, so this page is a few stories to entertain the guests.


Holi is the festival of colours, to celebrate the arrival of spring.

The night before, on every street…

later that night we went to the family farm at Barala, arriving quite late and waking up to…

and the start of Holi

of course, it always gets out of hand

A trip to Mandawa

We were invited to join Ajeet on a business trip to Mandawa, about an hour drive from Jaipur. Any journey with Ajeet is sure to be an adventure.

We stopped for something to eat and there happened to be a temple (what a surprise) and we were just in time for puja.

The Haveli where we stayed was run down, but incredible

Ajeet knows I love stepwells, on the way back we stopped at one that is being restored

Tall Girl and I walked around the back to where there were some people. She thought they were waving us away, I know India better.

The engagement party at Mochingpura

Sheetala Ashtami

We were on a mission to buy some gifts and wandered aimlessly. While not lost, we had no idea where we were. Trying to find somewhere to eat we spotted these photogenic statues outside a house

obviously it was worth looking inside and this was happening

it was obviously some religious ceremony, but we had no idea. As we wandered we kept seeing groups of mostly women and children heading somewhere, so naturally we followed along to see what was happening

of course…

Enough already, some favourite photos

I love this photo, I think it adequately shows the excitement and craziness when selfies are happening. They knocked over a motor scooter!

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