2019 trip – first post

Into Amritsar on January 18th, out of Jaipur on February 15th.  

This is a test to make sure my blog is still working.

What to do?  I have been invited to a wedding in Mohchingpura (purple star) on January 25th, a week after I arrive.  It would mean a complete change of plan.

I want to go to the ceremony on the border with Pakistan – still possible during that first week.

then to Rishikesh on the Ganges and other places in the north west of India….but…but…

…an invite to a wedding in a village in the middle of nowhere…hard to resist…but the timing…what to do?

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  1. Steve Davis

    What to do? Of course I am going to go to the wedding. I decided it is worth upending all my plans to do that.


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